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Cooking Experiences

The Chianti cooking school, which is run and operated by us and our professional cooking staff, offers cooking classes in different forms, and with content spanning from traditional and rustic - sucha as Cucina Povera - to contemporary and sophisticated, fruit of our long experience in Tuscan and Italian cuisine through our restaurants in Chianti and in Florence.

Our in-house cooking classes in Greve in Chianti take our guests through a unique hands-on experience in our custom-made Molténi kitchen, led by one of our chefs, where they prepare a complete, “fine dining” meal, covering the four courses typical of an Italian tasting menu - antipasto, primo, secondo and dessert.

In the more informal Rustic lessons, participants experience traditional Tuscan cuisine first-hand, in a few hours dedicated entirely to la Cucina Povera.

Both these experiences culminate in dinner based entirely on what was prepared during the lesson, in our Villa Bordoni Restaurant.

All of our lessons can be personalized on request, and we are used to catering for very specific needs - be they dietary restrictions or preferences, requests for lessons appropriate for children, or closed groups and different levels of expertise.

Lessons usually begin at 3.30 p.m., and have a cost of 150 Euros per person - which includes dinner and wines.

During the off-season months of March and November, Villa Bordoni offers packages that include accommodation and cooking experiences - a great way to experience Tuscany and Chianti when they are essentially at the height of their gastronomic culture!

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